Roberto Ugalde

Roberto Ugalde

“I love nature, time of day, light, colors, seasons, country … you can make twenty paintings.” – Roberto Ugalde.

Roberto Ugalde is originally from Queretaro, Mexico, where he studied at the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes INBA. Classically trained in the old master’s technique, he has loved to draw and paint since he was a boy.

An adept oil painter, Ugalde breathes life to his landscapes and figures with his masterful use of oils, applied mostly using a palette knife with brilliant, heavy paint strokes. Experimenting with various techniques and mixing styles, he welcomes the new directions his work can take while he navigates from impressionistic landscapes to abstract landscapes. “I throw different colors that I want on the panel, they start mixing, blending … I get a lot of different effects and colors. A lot of times I don’t know what I’m going to get.”

Ugalde’s depictions of Nature are bold and expressive renderings of the dramatic landscape that surrounds us. Whether it’s a golden Aspen grove, a storm over the Rockies or tranquil reflections on a mountain lake, he expresses the essence of his subjects in a way that draws the viewer into the painting. “Any season is beautiful, you just have to find the beauty in it.

Summer Wildflowers
Winter Light